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Handcrafted Jewelry

By Father and Daughter

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We promise authentic, high-quality, one-of-a-kind



Silver jewelry is timeless at a reasonable price!

It is classy and beautiful.

It can be worn for any occasion, casual or fancy and during any season!

One of a Kind

Handmade pieces are always unique in their own way. No two pieces of handmade jewelry are exactly the same.

You are the only person with that specific piece of jewelry, the only one of its kind; unlike anything else, just like YOU!


Our pieces are hand sawed, carved, shaped, and soldered using high quality materials.

They are NOT massed produced by machines.


I got this beautiful pendant from L&L silver jewelry.  They make the most beautiful and one of a kind pieces.  This beauty is a Druzy quartz.  I had never seen or heard of this stone, but was mesmerized  by the colors.  It literally matches all my clothes.  My next piece I want to buy is one of their beautiful rings. Thank you L&L,Heidi

Heidi H.

I am so happy I bought them! (earrings) Every time I wear them, I get at least one compliment. Thanks so much!!

Candy M.