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About Us

We believe an outfit isn't complete without matching jewelry!!! All of our jewelry is made with solid, heavy gauged sterling and genuine, semi-precious gemstones resourced from New Mexico.  


About Lee:

I developed an interest in working with my hands while in high school. I took classes in METALWORK, WOODWORK, LEATHERWORK, ETC. But, it was several years before I began to work with silver. By that time I was married with two kids. 

I noticed a new "crafts" store in our neighborhood shopping area. I went in to see what it was all about and noticed a sign that said "Silversmith Classes, Sign Up". Well, that got my attention as I had already developed a love of Native American silver work/jewelry as my parents were long time visitors of areas of The Southwest. My mother loved jewelry and bought me several rings, bracelets and a watch band all made from silver with turquoise stones. So, I signed up and took the class. I purchased a propane tank & torch and a few basic tools and supplies and began melting silver!!

That was 40+ years ago. Since that time, I have taken a number of other training sessions from professional jewelers. Several of the jewelers were in New Mexico, where we spend a month each year. That's when I stock up on silver and cabochons for my jewelry. I love buying turquoise, and I am amazed by the many varieties and colors, but I also love buying all kinds of stones. 

I make rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, etc. It has always been just a hobby venture as I had a separate business career in banking. I make pieces for my wife and family. I have sold some pieces to friends. I have dabbled in art fairs, flea markets, and a consignment store, but selling my jewelry isn't as rewarding to me as making it. 

I have taught several others how to make silver jewelry including my daughter, Lynn. She has become quite a silver craftsman, and I'm very proud of her work. Together we continue to learn and strive to perfect our metalsmithing.


About Lynn:

I didn't really start to appreciate my dad's jewelry-making-skills until I was an adult. I started wearing his jewelry and getting compliments on it. I felt proud to tell people "My Dad made it". I told my dad many times that I would like to learn how to make jewelry someday. 

In 2008, I told my dad I was ready to learn how to make jewelry. He told me he had been hoping and waiting for me to say that because over the years, he had been buying tools for me at estate sales, garage sales etc... Lucky me!!! My husband built a workbench for me, my dad set it up with the tools and supplies he had collected, and he gave me my first lesson. 

Making jewelry has become a passion for me. Every thing I make is for me. People have always told me I should sell my jewelry.  A couple of years ago, I discovered boxes of my dad's jewelry in his basement. What the heck??? "DAD, why are all these beautiful pieces of jewelry sitting in boxes in the basement?" He said he just keeps making it, but has no place to put it. I decided right then that I was going to try to sell my dad's jewelry for him. My motto is: Get it out of the basement!! 

I retired from teaching in 2021 and started our business, L(Lynn) and L(Lee) Silver Jewelry. I want to share our jewelry with others and I hope they love it as much as we do.