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How do you know if the stones are authentic?

  •  Familiarize yourself with the common types of stones used in Southwest-style jewelry. For example, turquoise, coral, onyx, and various types of colored stones are often found in this style of jewelry.
  • Examine the Stones: Look closely at the stones in the jewelry piece. Natural stones will have variations in color, texture, and inclusions. Synthetic or imitation stones may appear too perfect or lack these natural variations. 
  • Weight and Feel: Genuine stones often have a certain weight and feel to them. For example, turquoise tends to be heavier than many synthetic substitutes. 
  • Price and Source: Be wary of unusually low prices, especially if the piece is purported to be made with high-quality stones. Authentic stones, especially those of high quality, have value and are unlikely to be sold at rock-bottom prices. Purchase from reputable sellers who specialize in Southwest-style jewelry.
  • Ask Questions: If purchasing from a seller, don't hesitate to ask questions about the piece and the materials used. Reputable sellers should be able to provide information about the origin of the stones
  • We buy our stones from reputable sources in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Lee has bought his Turquoise stones from his friend Corn for years. Corn is a Native American who lives on the Santo Domingo Pueblo. Corn buys raw nuggets of Turquoise, and other types of stones, directly from miners then he cuts and polishes them into cabochons for jewelry. Corn cuts beautiful stones and we trust his knowledge and expertise. We are very fortunate to have found such a reliable source of authentic stones.